NOTICE: OUR ORDERING SYSTEM HAS CHANGED! Once your order is placed you will receive an invoice via e-mail prior to delivery or if you have no e-mail you will received it via phone message prior to delivery.

Every order will need paid at time of delivery in full by any of the following options PayPal, Credit/ Debit, Cash, or Check.

For all reoccurring orders we now can save card information and charge at time of delivery, please fill out contact form to set up a reoccurring order. 

All meats are now sold by the pound and each cut lists an average weight and a price per pound in the description section so you can figure an approximate amount for your pending order.

SHIPPING: Shipping is FREE if you are outside of a 40 mile radius of Carlisle, PA shipping will be added to your invoice.

Thank you!

Question 1

How do I place an order?  Head over to the Shop to begin your order. Each item has it's own ordering form. Just fill out the form and hit submit! Once your order has been placed we will be in contact within 24 hours for delivery location information and will send you a copy of the final invoice.

Question 2

How do I pay for my order? A final invoice will be sent to you prior to delivery. You can pay prior to delivery via PayPal or you can pay at the time of delivery via cash, check, or the swipe of your card!

Question 3

How much will my order weigh? All animals are different. We do not guarantee that your order will always be the same weight every time.

Question 4

When will I receive my delivery? Deliveries will be made on Saturdays for orders placed before Thursday of that week. Orders placed on Thursday or Friday should not be expected until the following Saturday. If you place an order by Wednesday you should expect to see delivery the same Saturday of that week. PLEASE NOTE: if an item is back-ordered or not available at the time of order, you will be contacted.

Question 5

What if I wouldn't be home for my delivery?  That's not a problem at all! You must leave a cooler by the front door with an ice pack for our driver to leave the products in. If you forget to leave out a cooler or an ice pack don't worry, we've got you covered. We will leave a cooler bag with an ice pack for an additional $8.00 and or just ice packs for your cooler for a $1.00 charge.

Question 6

How does the glass bottle charge work for milk?  The initial price of milk is listed with the $2.00 charge for the bottle already included.  But not to worry! When you order a second time or simply return your empty bottle, you will be refunded your $2.00.

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